Look Out For These Signs of Computer Issues

If you’re having problems with your computer, it’s hard to know how serious it is, and what constitutes heading to a computer laptop repair company in Colorado Springs. Versus, what can be fixed with some troubleshooting on your end?

So be on the lookout for the following problems:

The Battery Doesn’t Charge

If you boot up your laptop one day and realize that it isn’t charging or can’t hold the charge for a long period, you need to go straight to your nearest computer repair store. Often this is an issue from overcharging your laptop, or the battery life is so poor it needs to be replaced, or there is an issue with where the cable plugs in.

The computer Shuts Down Randomly

It’s annoying when a computer shuts down in the middle of a task, and you might just think you’ve run out of battery, but after you plug the charger back in, if you see the issue persists, it may be a hard drive failure. Before you run to the computer repair store, make sure you have a recent backup of your data if you can.

You See the Blue Screen of Death

If you own a Windows-based device it will let you know there’s been an issue by showing you a blue screen, sometimes with an error message. This is now known as the ‘blue screen of death’. This title is accurate as it’s a sign that your system is having a larger issue and you can try to perform a system recovery with Windows’ troubleshooting software, but if there’s no change, head to the experts.

Programs Run Slower

If you’re doing work as usual and you notice that your computer is slowing down over time, or has slowed down suddenly, it can be a sign that something’s wrong. The first thing to do is to update your system, clean out your data and empty your recycling bin. If doing all this makes no difference or things get worse, there’s something bigger happening and you should head to your nearest repair store.

The computer is Hot or Noisy

It is not normal for computers to get very hot or very noisy. Often this is a sign of overuse, and giving your computer a break will fix it. But if the problem persists or gets worse, you will want to take it to be repaired.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Issues

If you’re experiencing network issues, you should begin with troubleshooting from the system, but if the issue continues you may be having a hardware issue that needs to be fixed by a technician.

The Keyboard isn’t Responsive

If you go to type something and your laptop is unresponsive or severely lagging, you should do a restart, but if the issue continues or gets worse, and your keys are not coming away from the board, it’s time to go to the experts.

There’s Been Malware

If you suspect malware or any issues of the sort, you should run an antivirus scan, sometimes the software will remove these minor signs of malware, but if your entire system has been compromised, you may want to play it safe and just turn to the experts. There is a high risk of data loss with malware, so tread carefully.

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